Введите email-адрес и нажмите проверить
Тест на спам заниманиет некоторое время (5-20 сек).

Более 10 условий

Многофакторная проверка email-адреса на существование по 10 условиям

Тест синтаксиса

Тест email адреса на корректность и соответствию протоколу RFC 5421/821

Проверка MX

Проверка наличия и доступности mx-записей на dns домене email-адреса

Тест доставки

Реальная попытка доставки письма на email получателю без помещения в ящик

Определение типа

Определение типа адреса, такие как одноразовые, синонимы или бесплатные

Быстро и точно

Уникальная разработка позволяет определять невалидные email с точностью 98%

Диалоги сервера

Список всех диалогов между сервервами, скорость соединения и транзации


Удобный и быстрый API для валидации email-адреса в разовом и пакетном режиме

Как проверить email на существование?

Validation of email addresses is aimed at directly identifying non-existent and incorrect addresses, increasing the ability to send letters and mailings to real recipient addresses.

First of all, sending only to existing recipient addresses helps to maintain the reputation of not only the smtp server, but also the sender’s domain name, which reduces the cost of allocating new resources. It is worth noting that the speed of processing letters will also increase, and the number of soft and hard bounces will decrease. Yes, email validation is extremely important, it is absolutely necessary to conduct validation before any mailing starts. By the way, we can also check the smtp server for correctness and its blacklist check .

There are various methods for checking email addresses for existence, such as checking the address syntax, delivery test to a verified address, and the availability of mx-records of the domain where the mail address is located. Our validator uses all methods in stages, in addition, a points system and our own unique address verification designs are applied. We believe that the main function of the validator is to preserve the sender’s reputation and minimize the number of messages in spam, because sending only to recipient’s live addresses significantly increases the sender’s domain reputation in the voices of mail services and their spam filters. Measures for batch validation of email essentially improve the delivery, and if the problem with the delivery of letters did not resolve, try check the letters in the spam tester .

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